Monday, May 31, 2010

A month recap and a bee attack

It is Memorial Day...the last day of May. I ran outside 11 times this past month - an average 2.5 times per week. I would tell you the mileage totals, but I'm at work and all that information is at home. I also can't tell you my yearly tally of runs outside. I counted last night, but have no idea right now.

Last week was a rough one. I ran outside for 4 out of 5 runs. Let me tell you...I could feel it! My hips were sore by Thursday. My legs need a little more time to get used to asphalt. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, run on the grass and all that jazz, but I don't think the homeowners would appreciate it.) Plus, I am in dire need of a massage. I think my entire body is one big knotted muscle - from my shoulders to my back to my glutes to my calves. Anyone know a cheap masseuse? One that won't cost my $70 per hour plus tip?

Don't get me wrong, I think they deserve that much (considering some of the people they have to touch!), I just can't afford it. Someday I hope to have that luxury in my weekly budget, but I don't right now. I do have a foam roller and a stick, but they're not the same. I think tomorrow I'm going to break and get out the credit card.

Anyhoo...I ran with my running group on Saturday. I haven't ran with them since March because of my work schedule. Saturday they started at 7am and since I'm not up to high mileage yet, I jumped at the opportunity to join them. I ran 7 with the group, broke away with Denise for another 4, and then I HAD to run 1 more to get to 50 miles for the week.

As I was running my last mile, ALONE, I felt something hit my left shoulder, then my right shoulder, then my left again! AAAACCKKK!!! A BEE! ITS A BEE! I'M BEING ATTACKED! ITS FOLLOWING ME!!! A BEE!!! I tried to run faster, but the bee stayed with me. After about 10 steps I mustered up all the courage I could and tried to swat the bee off of me.

Turns out...not a bee. It was my stupid headband. Its a two strap thing and one strap had fallen and was whacking me in the shoulders. I was thankful to be alone it my freak out. Bee attacks on a treadmill are rare. I may have figured this out earlier had I been inside.

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  1. LOL about the headband. Also, re: cheap massages ... see if there is a cosmetology school near you. I got a massage at one by a student for about $20.