Friday, May 7, 2010

For the love of squats

I hurt. A lot. Why? Because I (sort of ) lifted yesterday after my run. I only did 3 sets of 20 squats with a 30 pound bar and 1 set of walking lunges. I can't walk today. If I sit too long, when I get up I'm frozen stiff. My legs feel worse today than they did after Boston. 26.2 miles, no problem. 60 squats with a pathetic weight? My kryptonite.

I still managed to run 7 very slow miles after a lengthy walking warm up on the treadmill this morning. I had the People Most Beautiful people list and GMA & The Today Show to listen to. I had a revelation last night at dinner. Since I ran outside Monday and Wednesday and took Tuesday off, I had no idea what was going on in the news. UVA lacrosse player killed! Lawrence Taylor with a 16 year old maybe prostitute! They now have an oil dome?!?! Something about the market crashing? What to get mom for Mother's Day? What else have I missed?

I use the treadmill to multitask. I watch the news, I read the gossip. I start each day able to have an intelligent conversation based on world events. I have shuddered at Wilard Scott's atrocious attempts at humor. I know if I need my umbrella. I can tell you who got kicked off of Dancing With The Stars. Through channel surfing I may also see the traffic report or maybe just watch a little West Wing.

On the downside to that, I do not cry while running outside. Even when the squirrels taunt me. I have cried on the treadmill (twice if you must know). Today was the second time. GMA was honoring a woman, Almez Gebremedin with Breakfast in Bed from Emeril. She was crying and couldn't talk! She was so surprised and overwhelmed. Then her 5 kids showed up! I'm telling you, its a feel good story. Even if I was crying on the treadmill.

I also read my People and Entertainment Weekly. Iron Man 2 comes out this week. Does Mickey Rourke frighten anyone else? I don't think he operates in the same reality the rest of us do. Remember during awards season last year? He was always wearing sunglasses (which SCREAMS drug user or plastic surgery). Dude, you're inside. You're not cooler because you're wearing sunglasses. You might trip and fall. I've worn my sunglasses can't see that well. Plus, you're not Paris Hilton. You don't have to bring your dog everywhere. For the record, I also think its lame when she does it, too.

Speaking of lame...the entire People "Stars Without Makeup" section. Is it also "Stars without Airbrushing?" I didn't think so. Black and white photographs to hide supposed "imperfections"? I'm not buying it (well, I guess I did buy since I am a loyal subscriber and I faithfully read every word every week).

We've covered a lot today. My stiff, aching legs. Mickey Rourke. GMA. Willard Scott. Tomorrow I am back outside and all I'll have for you is a few Glee songs to get stuck in your head.

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