Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today's run brought to you by Dairy Queen

The alarm was set for 6:45am. The clothing laid out the night before. The Garmin charged.

The alarm was silenced and I went back to sleep. Bed is warm. Quads hurt from stupid squats. Bed is warm and not windy. Gym doesn't open until 8. Sleepy.

I awaken naturally. Bed is still warm and cozy. I can skip a day of running. I'm not in training. My quads still hurt. I have The Soup on DVR to watch.

I should run. But its cold out. And windy. I can sleep 15 more minutes and just go the gym for 6 quick miles before work.

You told your 2 readers that you were going outside today. If you disappoint them and one quits you, your total readership is cut in half. Eh...I can hit the gym later. They don't realize how warm this bed is.

If I leave now I could run at least 8 before work. You and BoyToy went to Dairy Queen last night. Crap. Stupid Dairy Queen. Stupid Chocolate Malt going straight to my thighs. I really should run 8 instead of 6 to burn off the malted goodness (which wasn't that great. Team Fail at Malts DQ!). I still ate it. Moments like this I hate having such little self control.

I'll go. I'll go. I'll go. I'll go. I'll go.

7:50 - 9:04
I'm going. Its windy. I should have worn a hat. I hope I don't get lost. This wind is making my eyes water! Great. People in the cars are going to think I'm crying. Now I have to pee. Who knew I lived so close to stables? And a park! Do you think BoyToy would fit in the red swing? Why are those people walking with a cooler? That's not a bad idea. Crap! What if they mug me? Thank goodness I have my pink heart ID tag. Whew! Past them. Ugh. Still windy. My hair is a mess. Note to self - wear hat next time (or just stay in the non-windy indoors).

I'm back. 8 miles in the books. Thank you, Dairy Queen for motivating me to get out the door. Same time next Friday? I'll stick to the always loyal Blizzard this time. I stepped out of the DQ box and fell flat on my face. Oh...I have to go. I need to sign up for the Blizzard of the Month club.


  1. You are awesome. And now I want a Blizzard.