Saturday, June 5, 2010

Moisture wicking, my ass...

I am fully aware that while running in a downpour my Nike top (endorsement money, please. Sponsor a slow kid!) will not be able to wick all moisture from me. Instead, it will cause me to look like the loser of the world's worst wet T-shirt contest. However, I did spend $70 on this outfit - is a dry spot too much to expect? I am now on a search for an umbrella hat. Added bonus - you'll always be able to find me in the running crowd. read that correct above. I ran in the rain today. At 6:15am, the day was sunny and full of dryness. Wendy said something about a storm moving in, but I thought we had a couple hours until it got here. Not 45 minutes later the big, dark grey clouds were near us. I was highly optimistic that we were running away from the rain by heading towards the lighter sky of the south. Mr. Rain chose to follow us and completely dump a cloud. Then another one about 20 minutes later, and one more for good measure 10 minutes after that one. I ran 15 miles, only 3 of which were in the rain and I was soaked to the bone. Does that make me hardcore now? I even stepped in a puddle. And outload swore about it. I was so wet that I had to find a blanket to protect my car seat.

I survived, though. And I want a merit badge.

I was super busy at work this week, and I didn't have time to write until today. I ran outside Tuesday and Thursday this week. Wednesday I chose the treadmill so I could read my Entertainment Weekly (top 100 characters of the last 20 years and no Urkel?!?! Outrage. It was on from 1989-1997. I checked before I outraged). Tuesday's run I got lost. Like way lost. Thought I ran to Michigan lost. I took one wrong turn and became completely discombobulated. I was running around my usual lake and had no idea. Once I figured that out, I tried to run in the direction of the golf course, but ended up by the big water tower that is only 2 miles from my house. How I didn't see the water tower looming...

Turns out I can find my running route in a car, either. The BoyToy's parents are in town this weekend and last night I wanted to show them the neighborhoods I run it. I also wanted to show BoyToy because if I get murdered by a squirrel while I'm out running it is his job to scrape me off the road. I told him to turn into the completely wrong subdivision (one with no outlet to boot!). Let's just say after 5 minutes of me having no clue where we were, I could feel the anger wafting off of him.

We finally found the correct neighborhood where I preceded to get us lost once again, by missing the same turn I missed on Tuesday and also not figuring out that I knew where I was until too late. BoyToy, as I should note, still wafting anger. I was able to get us home in one piece eventually, but I don't think I'm ever allowed to be navigator (note to wedding guests: we are registered for a GPS. If you buy it for us BoyToy may marry you instead me). At least it wasn't raining either time I was lost.

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  1. send pics please!!

    I didnt know you blogged, now I have another thing to waste time at work. thanks!