Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Nickle, A Diary and A Meg

I have 3 things to talk about tonight, I'll save the best for last, per the title. First though, a few notes on runs: I ran outside 3 days in a row. 11 miles on Friday (it was 91 degrees, but not that humid), 5 miles Saturday with the CRC Crew, 17 miles today in 300% humidity. I then got bored and bought new running shoes (and maybe a new outfit). Instead of the Asics Kayanos, I decided to save $50 (see outfit, new) and try the Mizuno Wave Inspires. Lisa and Jess run in them and they rock, so I should, too. Plus they're pink (so is the new outfit!). I've also been sleeping in my compression socks, per Beth. She is my running crush, so I do all she does. I also make her AMAZING banana bread twice a week (see diary, food below).

1. I FOUND A NICKLE!!! I was really excited about this. My first running cash! I have been highly disappointed with the lack of cash on the side of the road. There's enough litter to fill a dumpster, but no cash. Doesn't a $20 bill just fly out with the Wendy's cup? No loose change with the White Castle box? Not even a penny for your thoughtless actions. Why run outside if there's no money to be found? I can find plenty of no money on the treadmill.

Then, Friday...there it was. Shining in the sun like don't know...shiny thing. My first nickle! Though the gentlemen mowing his lawn may have laughed at me, I didn't care. I had enough money to buy help from Lucy.

2. I started a food diary. As my (14!) loyal readers know, I have been struggling with my post Boston weight gain. I consider this a financial issue because I don't want to have my wedding dress let out. Per the antedote above, I'm not finding enough money to pay for it. I reached out to a nutritionist I know and she agreed to help me lose the 5 pounds. She told me to keep a food diary and write down every single thing that goes in my mouth (don't be a pervert). Since Wednesday, I have dutifully recorded each vitamin, potato chip, Diet Coke and piece of gum (18 in one day? Holy halitosis.).

This has been quite depressing. Turns out I can't go more than 2 hours without eating (or a half hour without a piece of gum). I feel really guilty about Saturday's peanut butter cups. I now count the chips I sneak from the kitchen. There's 8-10 per handful. I really need to drink more water. I think I have a Tootsie Pop problem. I wonder if "shit-load" is an acceptable quantity?

We don't have our acutual appointment set up yet, but I'll let you know how it goes.

3. My friend Meg posted a story on that was too good not to share. It certainly beats anything I've posted:

"Morning! I'm cranky. Ran an easy 5 on the trails with boytoy and his coworker last night. Adventures during said run included a) a crash in which I managed to scrape significant amounts of skin off both knees, b) an encounter with a large, very overheated dog and the rescue efforts to cool him off that ensued (including boytoy's attempts to get the dog to lie down in a nearby stream, random passersby and their dogs, and a large Russian man named Boris), c) a random FE with serendips, who happened to be involved in said rescue efforts, and d) an unfortunate altercation with a large thorned branch, which scraped attractive red lines across my midsection. Fun times!

I feel like crap. Sore from softball wednesday night (probably because I was catcher and had to crouch behind the plate for 7 innings) and just generally tired and sluggish. I've also put on 3 lbs in the past couple weeks for no apparent reason. Tempting to do a long run, but I think I'm going to take both today and tomorrow off instead. Big 5K Sunday and I don't want to suck.
(oh, and before anyone says anything- NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT.)"

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Trip to Walgreens

I knew I hadn't posted in a while, but I didn't realize it had almost been 2 weeks! I blame work keeping me too busy and exhausted to write (though I did run). Today I am posting at work. I think its a fair trade. Disclaimer: if this post ends up being random and disjointed, please blame the golfers and my ringing phone.

The other reason my posts were not here is because nothing really noteworthy happened. The runs were pretty boring. The lone exception was Sunday, June 20. (Do you like my teaser? HA-HA! You have to keep reading!)

The week of June 13-19 I did all but 1 of my runs outside. The exception was my Monday speed work on the treadmill. Why treadmill? Because I can set the pace and run and not think about it. Speedwork outside (I assume) takes more effort. And thinking. And paying attention. Wednesday outside I pulled a muscle in my back. I'm not really sure what happened, but I attribute it to carrying my water bottle and how I was holding my arms. It happened at mile 3 but I still ran the remaining 8 miles. So smart us runners! I ran again Thursday morning. It didn't hurt to run, just to breathe deeply or yawn. The chiropractor cracked me that afternoon and all has been honky-dorey since.

Sunday's run was my long run (16 miles). I started at 6:45am to beat the heat. There is a Walgreens that is 7.5 miles from my apartment. I carried my water bottle, but no GU, as my plan was to stop and drink a G2 at the Walgreens. (You know what teenage cashiers LOVE? Sweaty money.) While at Walgreens, I used their facilities (bonus!) and my 32 oz of sweet, blue sugar water. A gentleman in line behind me (rocking some SWEET houndstooth pants) inquired, "How far are you running?"

"16 miles"

"I run 10 miles every Tuesday and Saturday and 5 miles every Wednesday and Friday."

"That's awesome." I replied. I meant it, too.

"I also run a jackhammer 5 times a week."

Um...ok. Yippee? He preceeded to then show me his bulging forearms and further inform me on the merits of working with a jackhammer versus weightlifting in the gym. I then heard about where his office was, where I should go for lunch, and who I should ask for. Why am I way too polite to blow off strangers that I will never see again? Who knows? He might tell everyone that some smelly girl (I sort of forgot to put on deodorant before I left) was rude to him at 8am on Sunday at Walgreens. The horror.

This week's runs were then boring. Monday off. Tuesday speedwork on the treadmill. Wednesday 10 easy miles on the treadmill. It was over 90 degrees, heat stroke is not attractive. Thursday morning 5 miles on the golf course. Today, gulp, back outside for 10. I think. Unless my People magazine arrives. No. No excuses. Must run outside. I can do it. Outside.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday I ran into a pesticide cloud (literally and figuratively)

I was really lazy this past week. I only ran outside twice (Sunday and Saturday) and took 3 days off in a row. I still managed to get in 45 miles on the week.

Saturday's run was another early morning endeavor. I awoke at 5:45am (feeling very rested thanks to falling asleep on the couch at 9pm) and met a few friends at 6:15am. It was already over 70 degrees and humid.

I was wearing my compression socks because I thought it might help my overly tired legs. I don't really know if they made me feel more hot or not. (I mean, I felt totally "hot" in the sense that I looked AWESOME with my matching visor, but I couldn't tell if they affected my overall body temperature). My legs felt ok energy wise through most of the run, so maybe they did help.

I ran 11.65 miles with the group and then strayed so I could get to 15 before I would be late for work. By mile 13 I was done for. So hot. So humid. Body hates me. Why did I think I should do pick ups during the 12th mile? Why, self?

Being the stubborn runner that I am (and obsessed with my weight gain since Boston that only keeps growing instead of shrinking) I had to get to 15 miles. Couldn't quit at 14. But at mile 14.25 I saw what I thought was a mirage of sweet relief. A city worker - with a hose!!! Spraying trees! Sweet relief! Its so hot. Please, sir, just direct the hose at my head!

"Is that water or pesticide?" I shout at my orange-smocked friend.


Too late. Ran directly in it. Great. At least I can finish my run pest free. (And it was totally NOT refreshing.)

As for my figurative pesticide cloud. I'll keep this short. Basically, I reached out to someone with some unsolicited advice, just trying to help, and got my ass kicked all over the internet. I spent a good portion of yesterday in tears, being angry at myself and beating myself up. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Instead of focusing on the negative, I'll find the silver lining. A lot of people came to my defense, and showed what amazing, caring people I have met through running. I have found a true community - good, bad and ugly, and we accept and support each other. Its been said that when you cross the finish line of a marathon your life changes. My life changed significantly when I became a marathoner. I have met interesting, loving, caring people who support my every step and I theirs. We are from all corners of the country, all shapes, sizes, colors, and beliefs. I can't imagine my life without the knowledge they have shared with me, the support they have shown me, and the love they have given to me. Thank you doesn't seem close to enough to say.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Moisture wicking, my ass...

I am fully aware that while running in a downpour my Nike top (endorsement money, please. Sponsor a slow kid!) will not be able to wick all moisture from me. Instead, it will cause me to look like the loser of the world's worst wet T-shirt contest. However, I did spend $70 on this outfit - is a dry spot too much to expect? I am now on a search for an umbrella hat. Added bonus - you'll always be able to find me in the running crowd. read that correct above. I ran in the rain today. At 6:15am, the day was sunny and full of dryness. Wendy said something about a storm moving in, but I thought we had a couple hours until it got here. Not 45 minutes later the big, dark grey clouds were near us. I was highly optimistic that we were running away from the rain by heading towards the lighter sky of the south. Mr. Rain chose to follow us and completely dump a cloud. Then another one about 20 minutes later, and one more for good measure 10 minutes after that one. I ran 15 miles, only 3 of which were in the rain and I was soaked to the bone. Does that make me hardcore now? I even stepped in a puddle. And outload swore about it. I was so wet that I had to find a blanket to protect my car seat.

I survived, though. And I want a merit badge.

I was super busy at work this week, and I didn't have time to write until today. I ran outside Tuesday and Thursday this week. Wednesday I chose the treadmill so I could read my Entertainment Weekly (top 100 characters of the last 20 years and no Urkel?!?! Outrage. It was on from 1989-1997. I checked before I outraged). Tuesday's run I got lost. Like way lost. Thought I ran to Michigan lost. I took one wrong turn and became completely discombobulated. I was running around my usual lake and had no idea. Once I figured that out, I tried to run in the direction of the golf course, but ended up by the big water tower that is only 2 miles from my house. How I didn't see the water tower looming...

Turns out I can find my running route in a car, either. The BoyToy's parents are in town this weekend and last night I wanted to show them the neighborhoods I run it. I also wanted to show BoyToy because if I get murdered by a squirrel while I'm out running it is his job to scrape me off the road. I told him to turn into the completely wrong subdivision (one with no outlet to boot!). Let's just say after 5 minutes of me having no clue where we were, I could feel the anger wafting off of him.

We finally found the correct neighborhood where I preceded to get us lost once again, by missing the same turn I missed on Tuesday and also not figuring out that I knew where I was until too late. BoyToy, as I should note, still wafting anger. I was able to get us home in one piece eventually, but I don't think I'm ever allowed to be navigator (note to wedding guests: we are registered for a GPS. If you buy it for us BoyToy may marry you instead me). At least it wasn't raining either time I was lost.