Sunday, May 16, 2010

Back outside, back inside

We have so much to talk about. After 2 treadmill runs in a row, I ventured back outside on Thursday after work. Surprising, because I was running at 4:00pm, aka "Scary Heavy Traffice Time." As you recall, Scary Heavy Traffic Time is only .42 miles, or less than 4 minutes of running. Don't make me quote all those statistics about seconds between being alive or dead - we've all gotten that email (probably a dozen times). I wore my new bright yellow tank in order to plead with the drivers to see me and not make roadkill out of me.

The new yellow tank top is a Nike compression top. Why, oh why, can I never learn that if something is compression I should buy a size larger? I ran my 11 miles basically in a bra, as the shirt rode up so far I looked like Britney Spears - without the abs. Or, as John King would say, like the Louisville Footloose doppleganger. I apologize to all the young children (including the one who past me on his bike, and then stopped to walk with it???).

Anyhoo...I did more "Kari exploring" and discovered that I live only 2.5 miles away from some really, really nice neighborhoods that have a disproportionate number of homes for sale. I feel very safe in the nice neighborhoods, with their invisible fencing, mowed lawns, hidden parks. Plus, if I were to be hit by a car I know they would call it in quickly. No one with a house that nice wants a yellow topped tummy barer messing up their strategically mowed lawn.

I enjoyed my exploration, I feel now that my runs are much less limited than I originally thought. Before my 3 recent runs from my front door, I would always drive to the running/biking path. I heart my path. No need to stop for traffic, no getting lost, 15 miles mapped out for me with no worries. Neighborhoods have limits. They come to abrupt ends at busy streets. You turn a corner to find a dead end. You run up someone's driveway thinking it is a path ( does a car fit up that thing? You must have a Mini Cooper or a Smart Car.). The neighborhood near my though, may be just right. I ran 11 total miles only having to double back once and upon my double back, discovering a new wing of neighborhood to explore. One of the parks has their drinking fountains turned on. I might even be able to do a 20 miler from my front door. Crap. All signs are pointing outside.

All in all it was a happy run in my happy color. I returned home having a run a few more miles than planned. Then, 35 minutes later, the internet and cable went out - and you, my 4 loyal fans I am up to, had to wait to hear of my new adventures.

Friday I was back inside. I was really tired and only running because BoyToy and I had dinner plans that night. 6 slow miles were done and beer was drank thanks to them. Saturday I wanted to head back outside, but I worked all day. I worked to early to run before and then late enough that I lost my motivation. Then I fell asleep on the couch at 6:30pm. Today was my usual - a 45 minute spinning class followed by 8treadmill miles. To all my tri friends, does this count as a brick workout?

Week 3 starts tomorrow. The plan is to be outside, but rain is threatening.

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