Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Clever Title Not Involving Girl Scout Cookies

I did 2 posts in 2 days, and now its over 1 month later.  I told you not to get used to it. 

So what have I been up to?  Running.  I've run outside...wait for it...6 times since my last post!!!  That's over once per week average!  I've done 18, 15, 22, 18, 11, and 7.  I'm still following the Pfitz 18/55 plan.  I've been doing my speedwork on the treadmill (and most other runs), but trying to do all my long runs outside on the pavement.  Here's a quick breakdown.

Run 1 - 18 miles with 14 atgoal  marathon pace (about 8:00 minute miles)

I ran this run pissed.  Not drunk pissed, angry pissed.  Though drunk pissed might have been more fun.  My garmin decided to die this morning.  I charged it up Friday night and all seemed fine, but Saturday morning it wouldn't turn on.  (Insert lots of swear words here)  I was running with the Columbus Running Company group, so I clung to Kristina like my life depended on it.  We have similar PRs (or we used to until she ran Miami in January) and we would both like to run a 3:30 in Boston in April.  She set the pace and I followed.  We it our paces, but I'll be honest...I didn't feel awesome.  A little low energy. 

Run 2 - 15 miles

I ran this run stupid.  It just wasn't my day.  I forgot to wear my running undies.  I forgot to bring my water.   I forgot to bring money to buy water and snacks.  At least I managed not to get lost.  I did remember to wear my new Garmin 305. $130.  With heart rate monitor I keep forgetting to wear.

Run 3 - 22 miles (22.5 to be exact)

I wore 2 new things this run.  The first was my new running jacket courtesy of CRC and Groupon.  Its blue.  I know, I know.  They didn't have pink.  Sigh.  I seriously spent over 20 minutes in the store comtemplating whether I should spend my Groupon on something else and buy a pink jacket online.  I sucked it up and bought the blue because I no longer had a running jacket.  I'm not sure what happened to the old one.  I think BoyToy made me donate it.  I seem to remember him saying something about me owning too many jackets.  I am officially cut off from jackets for a while.  He has yet to cut me off from lululemon, though. 

The run was good (once we left IceLand Path).  Good company, good conversation.  Felt like I could have done 4 more, but still not feeling like I was in awesome shape. 

Runs 4-6 - Sarasota with the girls

Sun.  80 degrees.  Shorts.  Tank tops.  Bliss.  I had forgotten what it was like to salty sweat so much. 

Lisa was my partner in masochism as we ran 18 miles, 11 miles and 7 miles.  Siesta Key is a beautiful place to run.  I feel like I should have funny stories to tell since I was running with my best running girlfriends, but my mind is blank. 

We did see a condom on the road.  Who knew they needed those in the retirement community? 

I peed next to a building. 

We stopped at a Circle K to buy Gatorade and walk in the beer cooler and use the facilities.  This place may also have the worst public restroom I've even seen.  Super YUCK.  I felt like I needed to dunk myself in anti-bacterial gel.  I should have just peed outside. 

We tried to run on the beach, but the tide was in and it was too wet and too difficult.  We made it .10 miles before we bagged it and went back to the road. 

That's the quick and dirty of my runs.  I apologize for being such a stranger and bag blogger.  I'm in the last 6 weeks of Boston training.  3 more weeks of hard training, 3 weeks of taper (and the madness!!!). 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

2 in a Row!

2 posts in 2 days.  Don't get used to this people. 

20 miles outside this morning.  28-ish degrees, 8:34 average pace.  Crap precipitation.  I woke up at 6am to run in crap.  I could have run on the nice, dry, warm treadmill, but no; I have to start getting my legs used to some pounding.  I also wrote in my first 2011 post that all my long runs would be outside.  I TMed last weekend's 20 miler, so outside I went. 

I was stupidly hopeful the winter weather advisory was for after 10am.  Instead I ran in ice-pellets on and off for close to 3 hours.  Miles 1-4 were dry, 4-7 pellets (as David called them "little styrofoam balls") 7-10 dry, 10-13 ice pellets, 14-17 dry (look! is that the sun?!?!?!), 18-20 ice pellets (nope, not the sun, just Mother Nature being facetious.  I was going to say, "Just Mommy N being a bitch" but we love Mommy N, don't want to get on her bad side).  I finished soaking wet from head to toe.

On a postive note, it was fine temperature wise.  I did wear a jacket, but more for wind/rain protection than temperature.  It wasn't windy.  There were a few miles spent running into ice pellets in the face, but it could have been much worse.  Believe it or not, I have ran much worse wind.  One bonus to cold weather running is wearing a hat or earband.  Wind is much more tolerable when your hair isn't whipping around your face. 

Another postive note is I wore my new headlamp!  Yes, I own one.  I got it for Christmas.  It was 7am when we started.  Dublin, Ohio is very well lit so I really didn't need it, but I wore it anyway and felt very hardcore.  Like a real runner. 

I ran the first 13 miles with Holly.  She is a member of my running group, but somehow we'd never ran together before.  This is surprising because I learned we have very similar PRs and recent marathon times and we're the same age.  It was really fun to get to know her.  She had knee surgery in fall of 2009 and ran Philly in November 2010.  Her comeback continues! 

We were attempted to run with the larger group for, oh, about 100 yards, but they were FLYING.  8 minute pace at least.  We couldn't keep up, nor did we try.  Many marathon runners make the mistake of running too fast too often (Guilty.  Hi Injuries!).  I'm still trying to learn to "Train Slow.  Race Fast."  So we let them go. 

I had to run the last 7 by myself (and guess who forgot their iPod?).  Somehow I was the only runner doing more than 14 miles.  Or everyone else was smart and got out of the weather.  Either way, I was on my own for 7 miles.  Surprisingly, I didn't get lost.  I also didn't mind the "quiet" miles.  It was only an hour so I just lost myself in the styrofoam balls. 

I should also mention I managed to lose my spare set of car keys.  I had both sets on me because I started my car to warm it up this morning and I lock the doors when I do this.  I then have to take my other keys so I can get in the car and, more importantly, lock the apartment door.  I had them when I finished my run, but lost them before I got home.  I stopped at the grocery store to buy myself a banana and a chocolate milk and I'm pretty sure my frozen fingers dropped them.  Or quite possibly left them by the bananas.  I've called twice and no one has turned them into the lost and found.  They could also be either in the parking lot or in my car (I've looked, but cars have many hiding places).  

I'm now lost as to how to end this.  I feel I should wrap this up in some spiffy way, but I just need to foam roll.  Plus, BoyToy is almost finished making dinner :)

See you (hopefully) soon!

Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm back!!!

It only took a month :)

BoyToy and I were on the road in January; a week in Iowa, a week in Acapulco, a week in Minnesota, back to Ohio, and then to Orlando for 4 days.  I managed to get all my runs in and even ran 5 times outside!!! Hooray for travel to southern places!

Run 1: Acapulco, Feb. 9, 6 miles

This was a 2 part run.  BoyToy (understandably) did not want me to run outside in Mexico by myself, so he joined me for 3 miles back and forth in front of our resort.  I was really proud of him because 3 miles is DOUBLE his daily mileage.  He runs 4 or 5 times a week at the gym as a warm up to his strength training.  That's it.  But he braved the heat and humidity to keep me safe.  Swoon.

The last 3 I did around the grounds of our resort.  The resort has both a large pond and a long pool with a path around them.  I could make a .67 mile lap out of these paths.  It was a little tedious and boring, but the towel kid was there to entertain me.  I named him "Coach".  I passed the towel stand 5 times and each time he counted down my laps.

"5 more!"
"4 more!"

He was off of my count though and I finished when he said I had 3 left. 

Run 2: Acapulco on the beach, 3 miles (after 7 on the hotel treadmill)

Beach running is frickin' tough.  I mean W-O-R-K.  3 miles feels like 10.  Once again BoyToy joined me, this time shirtless!!!  He was being modest at first, even though I told him not to wear the shirt.  He made it a quarter mile and the shirt was off.  Too humid for a top.  I even exposed my flabilicious stomach to the sun. 

It was during this run that I entertained myself be singing the Baywatch theme song in my head.  I only know the "I'll be ready" part.  Literally.  Those 3 words.  Over. And Over.  (Note to self: learn rest of Baywatch song.)  I thought it would inspire me more to think I was Pamela Anderson, but my chest is too small and BoyToy wouldn't let me call him Hobie.

Run 3: Acapulco beach, 3 miles (7 previous on treadmill)

BoyToy didn't even attempt the shirt this time.  We were also smart enough to each carry our own water.  We shared a bottle the first time on the beach and it was gone before we hit 2 miles. 

Run 4: 11 miles in Orlando

BoyToy was once again very concerned about me running outside in a strange place.  He didn't run with me (he had golf clubs to check out) but I was required to carry my phone.  I had to carry it in my hand because it kept slipping out of my bra (that darn small chest again - no shelf properties!).  Sort of a hassle, but I was able to photograph myself:

and upload it to facebook without even breaking stride!

We were in Orlando to attend the PGA Merchandise show at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC).  I figured to stay safe I would do laps around the OCCC - believe me, its big enough - but there are no people around the back sides.  I made the executive decision to then run up and down I-Drive.  More people, more traffic, but they have sidewalks on each side to comfortably run on. 

Run 5: Orlando, 7 miles

Surprisingly not hung over.

I even found a friend!  Liz, a buyer at another Columbus club, joined me for 2 miles.  It was a nice break in the middle of my run.  I was able to change up the route since I had a buddy.  Plus I had someone to talk to - even before she joined me.  Our hotels were about 1.5 miles from each other so as I was running to meet her I had to call her twice to figure out where exactly I was and where exactly the hotel was.  Once again still running the entire time. 

Liz is also smarter than I am.  She wore tights.  I froze my buns off in shorts.  It was about 45 degrees, so not too bad, but I was wishing I would have at least worn (heck, packed) half tights.  Plus, I sort of love my half tights.  They are my favorite running bottom.  They don't head south like my full tights and they prevent thigh chafing!  :)

That was January.  5 runs, 30 miles total.  A 1.2 runs outside per week average. 

I am having difficulty updating my stats. When I open the gadget my internet freezes and I have to close out of everthing.  Frustration.  Maybe BoyToy can figure it out. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

2 runs outside to finish 2010

Yes, even though I was in Iowa in December, I managed 2 runs outside.  10 and 5 miles around my in-laws (hilly) neighborhood. (Central Iowa has been overlooked as training ground for Boston.)  I have ran outside 59 times since April, for a total of 542 miles.  I did run outside a few times prior to that, but I did not keep track of how often (its less than 10).  My mileage total for 2010 was 1666 miles.  A few hundred less than last year, but I'll take it considering that I missed 3 months due to injury.  My October mileage total was 5. 

Back to my outdoor adventures:

In my rush to pack for our trip home (my grandfather passed away the Monday prior to Christmas so we had to pack and leave within 48 hours) I did not bring a running jacket.  2 pairs of tights, my vest, 2 wicking mock necks, my balaclava, and mittens - but no coat.   I am resisting buying one as I have 3 (2 if BoyToy is reading) at home and I am supposed to be saving my spending money for the honeymoon next week.  The 10 mile day it was 30 degrees and I was fine, but the 5 mile morning it was in the teens and I was never happier to only have to run 5 miles.  Especially when being hit by ice pellets during the last mile.  At least I kept my loops small so I didn't get lost.

Onto 2011:
I had to change my blog description today as I am now 30.  I am actually excited to enter my next decade of life (even though I have no idea how it happened so soon).  Part of my excitement is that I know some smokin' fast women in their 30s and 40s who have been killing PRs left and right.  All being much faster than they were in their 20s.  I hope in my 30s I can train smarter and eat better.  I hope the endurance I have built for the past 8 years is now a strong foundation for future marathons. 

I have yet to change my stat box for 2011.  I tried, but the site was acting up.  My goal for 2011 is 2000 miles total with 1000 outside.  Lofty? Yes - but go big or go home.  I just hope I don't get hurt.  I hope half and half can be a good balance for me.  (Once I get back to Ohio I'll do all my long runs outside which means I can do more short ones inside.)  I also made it my New Year's Resolution to stretch more and do pilates twice per week.  This should help on the injury front - and hopefully on the flabby abs front of me.   

I don't race often but I hope to do a spring (Boston) and fall (TBD, but most likely Columbus) marathon.  I hope to break 3:30 this year.  I hope to do 1 or 2 half marathons and I would like to PR there as well.  I don't know if I'll do any 5k or 10k runs (its more of a budgetary reason than anything else), but since I've never done either I'm guaranteed a PR! 

There it is.  The end of 2010 and the start of 2011.   I guess I forgot to mention my first run of 2011 was 15 miles on the treadmill.