Monday, May 10, 2010

Week 2, Day 1

I almost wimped out today. I wanted to wimp out. I really did. I woke at up 8am, heated up my banana bread and parked myself in front of the television for the weather report. Ack! 41 degrees. Boo. That's cold. Sure, I've ran in colder (believe it or not), but I'm not in the mood this morning. Its fricken May. It should not be 41 degrees. This could be a treadmill day. Warm, cozy treadmill. Only needing one layer of clothing treadmill. Television watching while running treadmill. I don't have to play in traffic treadmill.

I said I almost wimped out. I put on my big girl pants (i.e. running capris), my new long sleeve Boston shirt, my new Nike vest, my ear warmer, my gloves. I stepped outside. It wasn't bad. It was actually sort-of-not-cold in the sun. I don't think I need the ear warmer. Or the west. This is brave of me. I'll keep the gloves on.

I am doubly brave today, as I am doing only my second step-outside-the-door-and-go-run. (According to the Garmin, I ran 384 yards before I had to stop, hike up the big girl pants, and tie them tighter. Note to running tights maker: stronger waist elastic. Seriously. The arm motion needed for running has nothing to do with hitching up your pants. Repeatedly.) My first was Saturday.

I live .42 miles from a trail head. The problem is, it is .42 miles down a busy street with no shoulder. I am really frightened about getting hit by a car. Saturday I felt safe because there was very little traffic. This morning, I missed rush hour and school bus pick-ups, but it was still a little busier than felt safe. I survived, though. Saturday I took the trail when it branched north. Today, I kept going straight.

For 1.5 miles until I hit the turn around. I then did "sub division miles". Meaning, I entered a neighborhood, ran through the cul-de-sac and back to the road. 2 of the areas were still under construction (sweet! Port-o-johns!) I found a few mini-sections of trail connecting a few neighborhoods, but no long stretches of trail. I found a few hidden, almost rural areas tucked into the urban landscape. I felt like an explorer! I am Lewis! Or Clark! Or maybe the chick (squaw?) that really lead them, Sacajawea! Hear me roar, people!

I ended up with 10 miles. A feat considering that when I hit the 1.5 mile turnaround I honestly considered simply heading back home with 3 miles in the books. If Saturday's run was all thanks to Dairy Queen, today's run was thanks to bad body image. I just feel fat lately. Yes, I realize that I am not fat. I realize that there are many people out there who wish they could weigh what I weigh and would trade bodies in a heartbeat. However, I am 6 pounds heavier than I was when I ran Boston (4 weeks ago) and 6 pounds away from being designated as a "cruiser". (By the way, who the fuck determined that? An asshole, that's who. I'll bet they still use height/weight charts from the 70s, too!) I'll cut myself off from the rant now. I'll also admit that there is a small part of me that considered trying to acheive cruiser status so I could win things. I won't go into my history today. Its always on my mind, so be aware it will come up again. Suffice it to say for now, that my next few runs will most likely be too far, too soon. The lesser of two evils, if you will.

For today, I will be happy with being (doubly) brave and exploring. And not getting hit by a car.

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  1. I'm reading too Kari!!! So, now your followers are up to 3 :). I know it won't make a difference but...don't let 6 pounds get to you. I don't own a scale but based on how my clothes fit I've got to be up at least that much too. It will eventually go away. GREAT job on your run! I'll take 41 degrees over 91 degrees.