Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Nickle, A Diary and A Meg

I have 3 things to talk about tonight, I'll save the best for last, per the title. First though, a few notes on runs: I ran outside 3 days in a row. 11 miles on Friday (it was 91 degrees, but not that humid), 5 miles Saturday with the CRC Crew, 17 miles today in 300% humidity. I then got bored and bought new running shoes (and maybe a new outfit). Instead of the Asics Kayanos, I decided to save $50 (see outfit, new) and try the Mizuno Wave Inspires. Lisa and Jess run in them and they rock, so I should, too. Plus they're pink (so is the new outfit!). I've also been sleeping in my compression socks, per Beth. She is my running crush, so I do all she does. I also make her AMAZING banana bread twice a week (see diary, food below).

1. I FOUND A NICKLE!!! I was really excited about this. My first running cash! I have been highly disappointed with the lack of cash on the side of the road. There's enough litter to fill a dumpster, but no cash. Doesn't a $20 bill just fly out with the Wendy's cup? No loose change with the White Castle box? Not even a penny for your thoughtless actions. Why run outside if there's no money to be found? I can find plenty of no money on the treadmill.

Then, Friday...there it was. Shining in the sun like don't know...shiny thing. My first nickle! Though the gentlemen mowing his lawn may have laughed at me, I didn't care. I had enough money to buy help from Lucy.

2. I started a food diary. As my (14!) loyal readers know, I have been struggling with my post Boston weight gain. I consider this a financial issue because I don't want to have my wedding dress let out. Per the antedote above, I'm not finding enough money to pay for it. I reached out to a nutritionist I know and she agreed to help me lose the 5 pounds. She told me to keep a food diary and write down every single thing that goes in my mouth (don't be a pervert). Since Wednesday, I have dutifully recorded each vitamin, potato chip, Diet Coke and piece of gum (18 in one day? Holy halitosis.).

This has been quite depressing. Turns out I can't go more than 2 hours without eating (or a half hour without a piece of gum). I feel really guilty about Saturday's peanut butter cups. I now count the chips I sneak from the kitchen. There's 8-10 per handful. I really need to drink more water. I think I have a Tootsie Pop problem. I wonder if "shit-load" is an acceptable quantity?

We don't have our acutual appointment set up yet, but I'll let you know how it goes.

3. My friend Meg posted a story on that was too good not to share. It certainly beats anything I've posted:

"Morning! I'm cranky. Ran an easy 5 on the trails with boytoy and his coworker last night. Adventures during said run included a) a crash in which I managed to scrape significant amounts of skin off both knees, b) an encounter with a large, very overheated dog and the rescue efforts to cool him off that ensued (including boytoy's attempts to get the dog to lie down in a nearby stream, random passersby and their dogs, and a large Russian man named Boris), c) a random FE with serendips, who happened to be involved in said rescue efforts, and d) an unfortunate altercation with a large thorned branch, which scraped attractive red lines across my midsection. Fun times!

I feel like crap. Sore from softball wednesday night (probably because I was catcher and had to crouch behind the plate for 7 innings) and just generally tired and sluggish. I've also put on 3 lbs in the past couple weeks for no apparent reason. Tempting to do a long run, but I think I'm going to take both today and tomorrow off instead. Big 5K Sunday and I don't want to suck.
(oh, and before anyone says anything- NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT.)"


  1. a "shit-load" is a little known measurement on the Poland metric system.

  2. Wow, you are a braver person than I. I think I'd burst into tears if I had to look at a list of everything I eat in a day (especially a weekend day). However, I thought I was a voracious gum chewer till I saw your record. Not sure I've ever hit 18 in one day. Impressive!