Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday I ran into a pesticide cloud (literally and figuratively)

I was really lazy this past week. I only ran outside twice (Sunday and Saturday) and took 3 days off in a row. I still managed to get in 45 miles on the week.

Saturday's run was another early morning endeavor. I awoke at 5:45am (feeling very rested thanks to falling asleep on the couch at 9pm) and met a few friends at 6:15am. It was already over 70 degrees and humid.

I was wearing my compression socks because I thought it might help my overly tired legs. I don't really know if they made me feel more hot or not. (I mean, I felt totally "hot" in the sense that I looked AWESOME with my matching visor, but I couldn't tell if they affected my overall body temperature). My legs felt ok energy wise through most of the run, so maybe they did help.

I ran 11.65 miles with the group and then strayed so I could get to 15 before I would be late for work. By mile 13 I was done for. So hot. So humid. Body hates me. Why did I think I should do pick ups during the 12th mile? Why, self?

Being the stubborn runner that I am (and obsessed with my weight gain since Boston that only keeps growing instead of shrinking) I had to get to 15 miles. Couldn't quit at 14. But at mile 14.25 I saw what I thought was a mirage of sweet relief. A city worker - with a hose!!! Spraying trees! Sweet relief! Its so hot. Please, sir, just direct the hose at my head!

"Is that water or pesticide?" I shout at my orange-smocked friend.


Too late. Ran directly in it. Great. At least I can finish my run pest free. (And it was totally NOT refreshing.)

As for my figurative pesticide cloud. I'll keep this short. Basically, I reached out to someone with some unsolicited advice, just trying to help, and got my ass kicked all over the internet. I spent a good portion of yesterday in tears, being angry at myself and beating myself up. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Instead of focusing on the negative, I'll find the silver lining. A lot of people came to my defense, and showed what amazing, caring people I have met through running. I have found a true community - good, bad and ugly, and we accept and support each other. Its been said that when you cross the finish line of a marathon your life changes. My life changed significantly when I became a marathoner. I have met interesting, loving, caring people who support my every step and I theirs. We are from all corners of the country, all shapes, sizes, colors, and beliefs. I can't imagine my life without the knowledge they have shared with me, the support they have shown me, and the love they have given to me. Thank you doesn't seem close to enough to say.


  1. Hi Kari,
    I discovered your blog from Footloose's recommendation on RWOL. It's just taken me this long to figure out how to set myself up as a "follower"! I love your essays - very well written and funny. As far as the craziness that ensued over your well-intentioned PM - good for you for caring enough to try to help.

  2. Hi Kari - I also love your blog, your writing, your attitude - well, the whole package. Keep up all your great stuff - the running, the writing and how you approach your life with wit and perspective. Just wanted to pipe up with some support after all the icky stuff you went through on RWOL. Like Geri said above, good for you for caring enough. (GoLizzy)

  3. Kari, I'll admit, I told Ashley in Boston that Kari was looking dang fine and fit...I'm sure you're alright, just enjoy life. That mess this weekend was lame-o.