Friday, June 25, 2010

A Trip to Walgreens

I knew I hadn't posted in a while, but I didn't realize it had almost been 2 weeks! I blame work keeping me too busy and exhausted to write (though I did run). Today I am posting at work. I think its a fair trade. Disclaimer: if this post ends up being random and disjointed, please blame the golfers and my ringing phone.

The other reason my posts were not here is because nothing really noteworthy happened. The runs were pretty boring. The lone exception was Sunday, June 20. (Do you like my teaser? HA-HA! You have to keep reading!)

The week of June 13-19 I did all but 1 of my runs outside. The exception was my Monday speed work on the treadmill. Why treadmill? Because I can set the pace and run and not think about it. Speedwork outside (I assume) takes more effort. And thinking. And paying attention. Wednesday outside I pulled a muscle in my back. I'm not really sure what happened, but I attribute it to carrying my water bottle and how I was holding my arms. It happened at mile 3 but I still ran the remaining 8 miles. So smart us runners! I ran again Thursday morning. It didn't hurt to run, just to breathe deeply or yawn. The chiropractor cracked me that afternoon and all has been honky-dorey since.

Sunday's run was my long run (16 miles). I started at 6:45am to beat the heat. There is a Walgreens that is 7.5 miles from my apartment. I carried my water bottle, but no GU, as my plan was to stop and drink a G2 at the Walgreens. (You know what teenage cashiers LOVE? Sweaty money.) While at Walgreens, I used their facilities (bonus!) and my 32 oz of sweet, blue sugar water. A gentleman in line behind me (rocking some SWEET houndstooth pants) inquired, "How far are you running?"

"16 miles"

"I run 10 miles every Tuesday and Saturday and 5 miles every Wednesday and Friday."

"That's awesome." I replied. I meant it, too.

"I also run a jackhammer 5 times a week."

Um...ok. Yippee? He preceeded to then show me his bulging forearms and further inform me on the merits of working with a jackhammer versus weightlifting in the gym. I then heard about where his office was, where I should go for lunch, and who I should ask for. Why am I way too polite to blow off strangers that I will never see again? Who knows? He might tell everyone that some smelly girl (I sort of forgot to put on deodorant before I left) was rude to him at 8am on Sunday at Walgreens. The horror.

This week's runs were then boring. Monday off. Tuesday speedwork on the treadmill. Wednesday 10 easy miles on the treadmill. It was over 90 degrees, heat stroke is not attractive. Thursday morning 5 miles on the golf course. Today, gulp, back outside for 10. I think. Unless my People magazine arrives. No. No excuses. Must run outside. I can do it. Outside.


  1. ashley forgets deoderant all the time. its gross. at least he didnt say he ran a train.

  2. I read your comment on RW to Meg that you might need to steal her story or have her as a guest blogger. Obviously, I proceeded here immediately to see if YOU had updated the blog since your last post forever ago. I was hoping to get a snarky RW comment but alas, you posted an update. And a great one at that!

    I wrap my cash in plastic wrap so that the gas station workers don't get too grossed out. I've seem them mop up after me when I've sweated all over the store before. Nice!

    I prefer to just squat, move the shorts to one side and pee when I'm out for a run. It's easier than using a real bathroom. I don't care about the time factor at all but once sweaty shorts come down they are a pain to pull back up!

  3. Beth, you are so much more considerate than me. I hadn't even thought about wrapping my money in plastic. I also have done a few squats in my day...but there don't seem to be many hiding places on my current route.