Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Treadmill Love

Boston training has officially started!  I think.  I did do my first training run yesterday (7 miles plus strides).  But with the honeymoon and trips to MN, IA, and FL all happening in the next month, this might end up being a 12 week plan instead of an 18 week plan.  Life will be getting in the way.  Plus, have you been to Minnesota in January?!?!?!?

There is ZERO outside running in my near future (I did consider changing my blog title to "Kari On Treadmill").  Why?  Its cold.  And snowy.  And the trails/roads are cold and snow covered and I am clutzy.  I have been in the Minnesota/Iowa region the past 4 Januarys and have never once seen pavement in a stretch long enough to run on.  I have seen snow, ice, slush, mud, salt, etc., but no pavement.

My dear friend, Treadmill, and I are gearing up for a long rendezvous.  Warm.  Television.  Warm.  Not icy.  Warm.  Magazines to read.  Warm.  No chance of snot freezing to my face.  Ahhhhh...have I mentioned its warm in the gym? 

I could care less about being the toughest runner out there.  I just want to run, stay injury free, and prove to the world that one can acheive their running goals while training in place for part of it.  I will venture out of doors here and there when Mother Nature allows or Wendy makes me, but not this week. 


  1. If you make it to "The Cities", even for a day, I'll get you out for a run. Let me know.

  2. You are in Minnesota? I have another blog friend, Jenn at Running Sane who is in Minnesota- you must be a tough breed! I *almost* was tough and ran my 11 on the TM today, but it stopped raining as I went out the door. Yesterday it was an hour and a half of 45F rain. Temp not too bad. I would take it over ice!

  3. ERG - I grew up in Minnesota, but I live in Ohio now. I work at a golf course that is closed in January. So I head home and visit family and friends. I am not tough. At all. I don't even try to run outside while there :) Unless Kirk makes me.