Monday, December 6, 2010

2 weeks later

I am still on little high from my feat of stupidity. There are days I still cannot believe I ran Philly and ran it well. I also still have days where I can't believe that I can run more than 5 miles at time.

My legs recovered surprisingly fast. I took 2 full days off, but was able to get on the eliptical on the Wednesday following. I managed to run 5 slow miles the following Saturday. My shin has felt pretty good, but I won't lie and say there has been no awareness. I haven't run 2 days in a row yet, nor have I run outside. I thought about meeting the running group this past Saturday morning, but BoyToy vetoed me.

He main argument is, "remember how you got hurt? Running outside." Since he is the one who suffers the most when I am injured, I have remained on the treadmill. Plus, its starting to get cold. Treadmill is in warm, cozy gym and does not cause my snot to freeze to my face.

Its hard to think that Boston training starts next week (for those on an 18 week plan). I am going to try the heralded Pfitzinger training plan - 18/55 (18 weeks, peak milage of 55 miles per week). I chose this because many of my running friends have had stellar success with the Pfitz and because it starts out small - only 30 miles per week. I can handle that and not build mileage too quickly. This also leaves time to pursue my other fitness endeavors including spinning, Body Pump, pilates and pool running. Yes, I think I will continue in the pool because the definition in my arms don't lie.


  1. Pfitz 18/55 sounds about perfect for where you are after the marathon! Good luck to you in your training. :)

  2. Ha! That's pretty funny about doing that with Brian ..I mean Sell..whoever! I would/will probably do the same thing. =D
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Come back any time! Looks like you have some experience with Boston. :)