Thursday, November 11, 2010

Two months later

Remember, a long time ago, in my last post, that I was sort of not injured? I went from feeling so positive it was a quick healing sort of thing to not running for 2 months. I'm still not sure what exactly was hurt.

The main pain was on my right shin, about 2/3 of the way up, on the inside. I went to the sports med doc for ART (active release treatment). Neither of us thought it was a stress fracture (sfx) as the pain wasn't localized enough nor was it at the level of a sfx. It still could have been, but I refused all imaging. I wasn't going to pay a couple hundred or thousand dollars to have someone tell me not to run. I was already not running for $25 co-pays.

I spent September and October pool running with the occasional spin class. I was up to 90 minutes at a time in the pool (thank you, This American Life!!!). I was also doing hip strengtheners, core work, and upper body toning. I was positive for the first couple weeks, but by the end of September I was pretty depressed. Hence, no posts.

The wedding was October 9. While in Key West, I attempted to use the hotel's EFX machine. My first attempt at weight bearing cardio. Success! I went an hour and 20 minutes one day and my leg felt fine. It was sore from walking up and down Duval Street and I knew then I had to drop out of Columbus. I held out hope until the very last minute. I dropped out the Wednesday prior. In hindsight it was a good decision. In addtion to the bum leg, I had under estimated how tired I was going to be post wedding. I was 100% exhausted.

I still had hope for running my sub 3:30 in Philly, but it dwindled by the day. I still hadn't ran a step. October 27 was our children's Halloween party at work and my leg hurt to dance. Yes, I cried afterward. What was I doing wrong??? I was pool running and spinning and trying to remain positive. Finally, after losing all patience with my leg, on a Tuesday morning, I decided to run.

I ran 5 slow, easy miles on the safety and security of my old friend, Treadmill. It actually felt ok. Not great, but no pain. A little awareness, but no pain. It wasn't until later that evening that a small amount of soreness was there. I didn't run the next day, but did 2 miles the following Thursday. I've since ran 5, 8 and 9. My leg is ok once it warms up, and I run 10 minute miles. There is awareness, but no pain. I continue to ice daily.

I am going to attempt to run/finish Philly next weekend. I think if I take it easy, I'll be fine. This might not be the smartest decision I've ever made, but I want to try. I can drop out at 13.1 if need be.

I should also mention I haven't tried to run outside. Too terrifed.

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  1. {{{hugs}}} obviously I know how you feel. I'm glad that you're able to run at least a little bit! Weird question: what kind of insurance do you have? Mine has a $30 copay for specialists but it covers both MRIs and bone scans. You would have to pay for yours out of pocket?