Thursday, November 18, 2010

Denial is a River in KariLand

3 days until my next feat in greater stupidity than ever! Notice, I say next. I have done this before.

Feat of stupidity #1 - In 2008 I ran the Boston Marathon on no training. I qualified in October and signed up for the April marathon immediately. Then, in January, my car broke down. Twice. At a grand cost of over $3,000 and a weekend spent stranded in Bloomington, Illnois in a snowstorm, with BoyToy, and sharing a hotel with 3 groups of stranded junior high cheerleaders. My budget (for anything, really) gone. I decided Boston was out that year.

But I didn't give up hope. Finally, 3 weeks before I had a nervous, ugly-cry, breakdown to BoyToy about how much I wanted to run and he gave me the money to go. So I went. I was still running about 40 miles per week through the winter (on my love, Treadmill) but my longest run was 15 miles in February. I ran 20 miles that Sunday and then I tapered.

I finished. In one piece in 3 hours and 50 minutes (or something like that). Granted, I was healthy.

Feat of stupidity #2 - Boston 2009. I ran hurt. I trained hurt. I was too stubborn to let a left IT band get in my way! I saw chiropractors, ART doctors, massage therapists - the works! I was even approached by a trainer at my gym who asked me to PLEASE stop limping on the treadmill - he couldn't watch it anymore.

I pressed on anyway. I remember the first 8 miles of the marathon not being that bad. By mile 10 I was in pain. Big pain. Still going, though. Thanks to 2 very good friends, running angels if you will, who help me through the miles. I owe that race to Beast with his neuroma and Shannon with her boa. I crossed that finish line at 3:44 (I think - any one of you know how to look those things up online, please let me know, I can't figure it out. The magnets are on my fridge with my results but I'm at work. Obviously working very hard.) I then had to take a month off to recover.

On to Feat of Stupidity #3 this weekend. What have I got to lose? My pride went out the window weeks ago. If I hurt myself worse, it could be a blessing in disguise as a cast would force me to take the rest I cannot allow myself to take. But, if I finish I get to eat an entire box box of Chex Mix - the peanut butter/chocolate/powered sugar kind!!! (also called Puppy Chow in some circles, but not Susan's circles) If that isn't incentive, I don't know what is!

BoyToy is totally against my running this. He actually said that he should have offered me to eat the entire box of Puppy Chow if I DIDN'T run. Too late now!

I guess we'll find out on Sunday what the running gods have in store. I hope its Vicodin.


  1. Hey Kari - Have you ever looked at They pretty much have everybody's races listed. I found yours ("unclaimed" so I guess you don't use that site). Anyway, it's a quick way to look up results from previous races. Good luck this weekend!

  2. I think you deserve the Puppy Chow either way. Do what you have to do, but listen to your body. Don't end up like me in a cast and on crutches!

  3. Thanks, Geri! I was way off on my race results:
    Boston 2008 - 3:44
    Boston 2009 - 4:03:33 - I forgot this was my PW.