Thursday, July 15, 2010


I haven't blogged in 10 days. Maybe its because I' of only ran outside 3 times since the last time I wrote (July 5). I guess that is 3 times in 10 days, which, if I played baseball, would be 3 for 10 or .300 - I'd be in the top 25 in the American League and the top 15 in the National League. So there goes all of your disappointment in me. I am doing great.

There have been a few factors keeping me off of the roads:

1. Its July. Its hot. Its humid. The gym is air-conditioned. Most days I after work and its 90 by then. I'm not interested in heat stroke. While it might give me some good material, I really don't want to tell that story.

2. Lisa was attacked by a bird. This is in Kari's Top Ten Creature Fears. If a bird attacks me, I might never run outside ever again. You could say that running inside means the birds win. I'm ok with that.

3. Speedwork. This is done on the treadmill. Yes, I know, I could go to a track, but that means a) I have to find one and b) be laughed at by middle schoolers. My running club does track workouts on Tuesday mornings at 6:30am. I start work at 7:30 on Tuesdays and, believe me, they prefer me showered.

Running on an actual track would also require thinking on my part. I'm not into that. The treadmill does all my thinking for me! I just set it and try not to fall off the back. I have thus far been successful. I also do not have to count how many intervals I have done. I simply fold down the corner of the page of the magazine I am reading. Then, when I feel like I might pass out, I count the folds. On a great day, I'm at 8, on a bad day, 3.

An argument can be made that I would be better math conversions on the track - I wouldn't have to do them. A lap is 400m, 2 laps is 800m. 800m is basically a half mile - which I can figure out, its the rest time I always screw up. My first 3 weeks of speedwork were supposed to be 8x800 @ 3:50 with 200 recovery. I kept doing half miles with quarter mile recoveries (800 and 400 respectively) and then wondering why my coach said the workout was 8 miles, but I had done 10. I'm not sure in who's world 200 is half of 800. Oh yeah, mine. took me 3 weeks to figure this out.

Yesterday's workout was FINALLY 8x800 with 400 recovery and what did I do? 8x800 with 200 recovery. The kicker was that my intervals were ran 15 seconds faster and I needed the full 400 recovery. The good news is that I did not fall off the treadmill and despite my short recovery, I did all 8. Then I ate a Philly Cheeseburger (no longer keeping food diary).

(A short interlude on the food diary)
I gave it to my friend on Friday and she is analyzing it this week. I hope to have an update soon. I should continue keeping it as I'm sure I would not have eaten all the hot dog flavored chips at the car show due to the embarrassment from having enjoying something as disgusting sounding as "hot dog flavored potato chips".

On the road again
My 3 outside runs were also uneventful. I didn't get lost, I saw no squirrels, no random people talked to me. I ran the golf course last Thursday at a relaxing enjoyable pace. I ran 7 miles with my running group Saturday and learned new alcholic drinks to try. I ran 18 on Sunday and my fuel belt chafed my navel. (Stupid hips forcing my fuel belt upwards!) I remember what I was going to blog about. My love of This American Life podcasts from NPR ($0.99 on iTunes). Next time my 17 time.

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  1. i had to read "chaffed my navel" a few times before I figured out you were referencing your belly button.