Monday, July 19, 2010

I am a hypocrite...who is still bad at math

After posting on Thursday regarding my lack of outside running due to my lack of interest in heat stroke... then I was a hypocrite. The very next day, I ran my workout of 10 miles (3 easy warm up, 4 at tempo pace (7:35-7:40 per mile), 3 easy cool down) in the 90 degree heat. Why, self, why???

I prepared as best I could. I drank a liter of water during my work day (in addition to 2 Diet Cokes) and carried a 24 ounce bottle of G2 with ice. I even ran with only my sports bra on in an attempt to be cooler. This resulted in a side stitch at the end of 1 mile because I was sucking in my stomach so hard. Homegirl needs to do some crunches.

I chose a neighborhood loop to do my tempo miles at. It is about 1.65 miles around (on an asphalt path) and 2.5 miles from my front door. Perfect. I placed my bottle in the bushes at the head of the loop so I wouldn't have to carry it.

I continued my warm up for .5 miles after I set down the bottle (I tried to hide it so it wouldn't be licked by dogs or mistaken for litter). The Garmin beeped 3 miles at I was off! I ran as fast as I thought I should be - working very hard, but not sprinting. It was hot. Thank goodness there was a breeze, but every time it blew I could feel the heat radiating off of the asphalt. My garmin hit 4 miles and I pressed the lap button to see what my time was. 7:37 - perfect!

I stopped at 4.2 miles as I was at the end of the loop and needed a drink. Believe me when I tell you every orifice on my body was sweating.

I decided to run my next lap on the street instead of the asphalt - hoping that it would be a half a degree cooler. I think it was. When the wind blew it was still hot air, but not the waft of fire that came off the newly blackened path. I don't know what my second tempo mile pace was because I malfunctioned when hitting my lap button.

By the third tempo mile, I was starting to question my wisdom of doing this workout out of doors. My shoes were soaked, my clothes were soaked and I was starting to feel like I might hurl purple G2 on someone's petunias - though it would match nicely. I couldn't totally give up - but I did slow down. Miles 3 & 4 were 7:47 & 7:57. And. I. Was. Spent.

I wobbled home hoping to remain upright and not to have to flag down a passing motorist to call BoyToy. I made it in one piece thanking the gods of water fountains in the park. It wiped me out - through Saturday's run as well. I felt dehydrated through Saturday evening.

I rebounded nicely with my Sunday long run and today I'm resting. I had adjusted my training plan to fit in better with my work week and found out I've been doing myself a complete disservice. My weeks were supposed to look like this:

Sunday - long run
Monday - rest
Tuesday - intervals
Wednesday - 10 miler
Thursday - short recovery run
Friday - 10 miler
Saturday - short recovery run

Instead, I was doing:
Sunday - long run
Monday - 10 miler
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - intervals
Thursday - 6 miler
Friday - 10 miler
Saturday - 7 miler

I was being very good about running my paces, but by moving the schedule around and running a few more miles here and there I was tempting the injury gods. I was giving my marching, er, running orders last night and from here on out, I PROMISE, I will follow my plan.

I will also pull a Sarah Palin and write my interval workouts on my hand because I still do too many with the wrong recovery times.

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  1. Nice workout. I did my tempo today, but it was the opposite. I ran on the treadmill to make sure my pace was correct. Sweated buckets upstairs when it was nice and cool outside. 65 degrees and perfect running weather in Anchorage! Keep up the work!