Monday, January 3, 2011

2 runs outside to finish 2010

Yes, even though I was in Iowa in December, I managed 2 runs outside.  10 and 5 miles around my in-laws (hilly) neighborhood. (Central Iowa has been overlooked as training ground for Boston.)  I have ran outside 59 times since April, for a total of 542 miles.  I did run outside a few times prior to that, but I did not keep track of how often (its less than 10).  My mileage total for 2010 was 1666 miles.  A few hundred less than last year, but I'll take it considering that I missed 3 months due to injury.  My October mileage total was 5. 

Back to my outdoor adventures:

In my rush to pack for our trip home (my grandfather passed away the Monday prior to Christmas so we had to pack and leave within 48 hours) I did not bring a running jacket.  2 pairs of tights, my vest, 2 wicking mock necks, my balaclava, and mittens - but no coat.   I am resisting buying one as I have 3 (2 if BoyToy is reading) at home and I am supposed to be saving my spending money for the honeymoon next week.  The 10 mile day it was 30 degrees and I was fine, but the 5 mile morning it was in the teens and I was never happier to only have to run 5 miles.  Especially when being hit by ice pellets during the last mile.  At least I kept my loops small so I didn't get lost.

Onto 2011:
I had to change my blog description today as I am now 30.  I am actually excited to enter my next decade of life (even though I have no idea how it happened so soon).  Part of my excitement is that I know some smokin' fast women in their 30s and 40s who have been killing PRs left and right.  All being much faster than they were in their 20s.  I hope in my 30s I can train smarter and eat better.  I hope the endurance I have built for the past 8 years is now a strong foundation for future marathons. 

I have yet to change my stat box for 2011.  I tried, but the site was acting up.  My goal for 2011 is 2000 miles total with 1000 outside.  Lofty? Yes - but go big or go home.  I just hope I don't get hurt.  I hope half and half can be a good balance for me.  (Once I get back to Ohio I'll do all my long runs outside which means I can do more short ones inside.)  I also made it my New Year's Resolution to stretch more and do pilates twice per week.  This should help on the injury front - and hopefully on the flabby abs front of me.   

I don't race often but I hope to do a spring (Boston) and fall (TBD, but most likely Columbus) marathon.  I hope to break 3:30 this year.  I hope to do 1 or 2 half marathons and I would like to PR there as well.  I don't know if I'll do any 5k or 10k runs (its more of a budgetary reason than anything else), but since I've never done either I'm guaranteed a PR! 

There it is.  The end of 2010 and the start of 2011.   I guess I forgot to mention my first run of 2011 was 15 miles on the treadmill.