Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm hurt, but am I injured?

Once again, long time no post. Between inventory at work, a visit from Meg and the upcoming nuptials I haven't had much time to write. I'll give it to you in this form: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The Good:

I ran a half marathon on Sunday, August 29 in 1:43:03 - a PR for me. 7:52 pace per mile. I didn't tell anyone that I hurt my right leg the Tuesday beforehand when I was doing my speedwork (remember how I was so proud that I had done it outside???). Its the tendon (ligament?) on the outside of my leg, between my ankle and calf (so lower leg). I ran very slowly on it Wednesday and Friday, but could barely take a step on Saturday. I knew I would still run my upcoming half, but wasn't sure if I could muster up any speed.

I went Saturday to the running store. The staff there thought it was because my shoes are too stable for me. They said I could run (though that might not be smart) if I taped it, did a warm up and started with anti-inflammatories. All of which I did and I had been icing like it is going out of style. I did tape it with the Rock Tape.

Sunday morning Meg and I ran a slow 2 mile warm-up. She assured me that I was not limping, that it was just in my head. I went by feel and ran conservatively the first 10 miles I just tried to keep an 8:00 min per mile pace, which is my goal marathon pace. Once I hit 10 miles I just tried to run each consecutive mile a litte faster (7:50 pace, 7:45 pace). My plan was at mile 12 to try to bust out a tempo mile. I was able to do that and I went all out the last quarter mile. Which, yes, gave me a negative split and a new PR. My only previous half was ran in 2004 and that was over 1:50. My half marathon PR within a marathon was 1:46 in last fall's Columbus.

My leg was ok, not great. I could feel the pressure, but it wasn't painful. It did seize up about 3 times, causing me to miss a step, but overall I ran fine. I haven't ran since, though. It hurts. I'm not too worried about it, since it feels muscular instead of skeletal. Plus the sore area keeps changing - it goes from my shin to my inner leg to outer leg. Like I told Josh, I am confident that a week or so off will be what it needs to heal, however, I am unconfident in my own ability to take that much time off :)

I took Monday & Tuesday & Thursday completely off, but I did the eliptical and a spinning class on Wednesday (felt good - didn't bother leg).

The Bad:

I attempted to run this past Friday (on the safety and security of the treadmill). I ran 11 miles. Big mistake. HUGE. It went crappy. I never felt in rhythm. So why didn't I just stop? I'm a moron.

I was encouraged, however, but being able to propel myself in a running motion, so I ran Saturday.

The Ugly:

I made it a half mile to the stoplight and had to walk (limp) home. I may or may not have cried. I went to the gym and did the eliptical for 45 minutes (which would have been the time equivalent of my run). Yesterday (Sunday) I did a 45 minute spin class and then pool ran for over an hour. Today I am back to the pool. At least I finally figured out that I can put my Ipod Shuffle in my swim cap and have something to listen to. Last time I was stuck in the pool I suffered in silence. Plus, my shuffle is now 2 years old, so if I ruin it in the water, I figure I am due for a new one. Hopefully by then I'll be back running.

The Silver Lining:
It still feels like a muscular/tendon type injury. It doesn't hurt to touch it or apply pressure and the area isn't hot (so I don't think it is a tear). It is feeling better, but I cannot go up and down stairs without pain. Regular walking is ok. I'm trying really, really hard not to turn a 1 week or 2 week set back into a 6 week layoff injury. I'm going to wait until I can do stairs to start running.

The other silver lining is I am registered for 2 marathons this fall Columbus (Oct. 17) and Philadelphia (Nov. 21). My original plan was to shoot for a sub 3:30 at Columbus and run Philly as a fun run. If I end up having to miss Columbus or am not ready to run full bore, I can save myself for Philly. All is not lost and my summer training will not be totally wasted.